A short article with several long term graphs. First one: Gold Second One : Silver Third […]
Les vacances sont terminées et les enfants ont repris le chemin de l’école ce lundi dans […]
December 2019 I wrote an article : The times for mines has come It was a […]
Avez-vous entendu parler de Robinhood.com ? Je l’ai découvert il y a quelques semaines et je […]
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In a normal situation (I mean historical), mining stocks should overperform gold when the underlying (metal) […]
Dear readers, In one of my past articles, I launched a screaming buy on gold. It […]
After my french articles “c’est parti mes goldy” 2017: https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/cest-parti-goldy-cest-reparti-goldy/ and end 2015: https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/lor-et-les-mines-cest-parti-mon-goldy/ In which, I was lucky […]