Silver usually outperforms gold when economic growth and/or inflation rise. When this is the case, gold […]
As a start, here is the evolution of Nasdaq compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Then […]
Une vidéo incroyable (en anglais) d’une des plus grandes mines du monde. Celle-ci est la propriété […]
50 years ago, on August 15, President Richard Nixon closed the « gold window”. It was a […]
Without dividends, taxes and expenses… Happy 50 debasement birthday ! And Inflation (transitory or permanent ?) […]
Amazing ! This is the only word I can tell today. Despite increase in commodities prices, […]
At the opening of the commodity market, gold has been under a major attack. In 2015, […]
As Bob Moriarty (321gold) likes to say : « These are the two best times of the […]
Is Gold too expensive ? For sure your banker will answer ! Too expensive compared to […]
A short article with several long term graphs. First one: Gold Second One : Silver Third […]
The year 2020 is now behind us, please find a graph showing the loss of value […]
Markets often seems irrational to me. Irrationality has always been real because of human behaviour. I […]
First of all some graphs Gold weekly price log long term (1938 – today) Silver weekly […]
Markets are near their historical tops and gold too. But banks are still lagging and it […]
December 2019 I wrote an article : The times for mines has come It was a […]
From 1900 to the end of 2019, all currencies lost their value relative to gold. The […]
In January 2020, I wrote an article to you that suggested  to sell the SP500 and […]
In January 2020, I have made a recommendation to « sell the SP500 and buy gold and […]
In case of hyperinflation, which is a loss of confidence in the currency, nothing will protect […]
Here is a long term chart (1914 – today)of the CRB Index (end of month) (LOG). […]