October 2015, I have been yelling around ! BUY gold and several times after (you can read all my english articles here)

It was a perfect end 2015 call on gold

The original in-French article : https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/lor-et-les-mines-cest-parti-mon-goldy/

Translated by google : Here

I found on Twitter several past good calls (in fact bad calls but good for contrariants like me)

Hereafter you will find a great list (nothing against the people or banks who published that of course)

1 – Gold is a fiat commodity currency with insignificant intrinsic value » – Citi – November 2014 – $1,200/oz

2 – Gold is neither desired as a currency nor as a commodity » – Macquarie, July 2015, $1,077/oz

3 – Bank Vontobel, July 2015: « We are reducing our gold positions in all accounts to zero » ($1,100/oz)

4 – Gold will finish 2015 at $800″ – ABNAmro, November 6, 2014 ($1,140/oz)

5 – Gold looks like a textbook short » , Tom Keene, July 23, 2015 ($1,095/oz)

6- Kiss the #gold bull market good bye » – Barry Ritholtz, June 2014, $1,242

7 – Time to press the sell button » on gold – David Fickling, Bloomberg Gadfly, March 2016 ($1,245)

8 – Putin drove Russia into 1,200-tonnes-trap by investing in gold. He wanted independence from dollar hegemony and benefit in times of crisis. Turns out this was a big mistake » – July 2015

9 – Gold is doomed » – Matt O’Brien, WaPo, July 25, 2015, $1,097 « A bet on gold is a bet that people in charge don’t know what they are doing »

When a majority is in one way train, may be time to think it is time to enter or get out.

Happy Investing and thanks to MacroTourist for the list

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