In January 2020, I have made a recommendation to “sell the SP500 and buy gold and gold miners” (see below). It was a good call. The Dow Jones and the SP500 collapsed right after.

From the bottom of the fall of the indexes, both stock markets rebounded strongly. But are still far behind their tops. I wrote another article in April where I was wondering if we were in facing a dead cat bounce ?

here : Is the equity market more overvalued as never ?

Today it is time to wonder if this assumption is still valid !

Look at the gold miners vs the SP500 ! It is clear one of the two is really cheap !

If you compare the miners to the golden underlying GOLD. It is also an evidence !

When you notice how small the gold market is compare to the entire market, no doubt when the flow will come the raise of the mines will be huge !

And especially vs the famous FAAMG and the outstanding debt of the US

My choice of investment for the next run is made ! Sell the expensive one and buy the cheap one.

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