et annonce qu’il fixe un plancher sur l’euro à 1,20 CHF. Je trouve cette décision incroyablement inquiétante!

Je m’exprimerai dans un prochain article, comme je l’ai fait précédemment, ici:

La BNS ne pourra pas soutenir cette parité éternellement, j’en met ma main au feu !

ZURICH, Sept 6 (Reuters) – The Swiss National Bank said on Tuesday it would
set a minimum exchange rate target of 1.20 francs to the euro and would enforce
it by buying foreign currency in unlimited quantities.

“With immediate effect, it will no longer tolerate a EUR/CHF exchange rate
below the minimum rate of CHF 1.20. The SNB will enforce this minimum rate with
the utmost determination and is prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited
quantities,” it said in a brief statement.

The franc has soared against the euro  and the dollar
in recent months and nearly touched parity with the common currency on Aug. 9,
as investors anxious about debts in the euro zone and slowing global growth
sought a safe haven.

To cushion the economy from a downturn as the strong franc hurts exports, the
SNB cut an already low interest rate target to nil on Aug. 3. It is also
boosting the amount of liquidity in the banking system, and it had threatened
further measures.



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