Central Banks (China, Russia and some other small) have been buying gold. The net balance started to be positive from 2010

Unfortunately for the European and North American « tax payers », their Central banks did not purchase any gold ounces

The GLD (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPDR_Gold_Shares) gold continues to gobble up more yellow metal; gold held increased by 11.4 tonnes on May 1st.

More datas here : Gold Demand Trends Q1 2020

Comex April gold delivery notices reached an unprecedented 98 tonnes (rad ligne see below).

The curious case of Comex gold decline in open interest vs an explosion in registered warehouse levels

In 2009 (September) when the commercials were short 59% of Gold’s open interest, gold exploded from $1,000 to $1,800 over the next year.

And what happened to the gold vs currencies ?

If you believe all above can be a trigger for gold

  1. Buy Gold (physical)
  2. If not possible, purchase funds or ETFs but be sure they owns real gold (audited) or can deliver to you on request. You will find a picture below with a list of this kind of « secured » funds.
  3. If not possible then purchase a stock (gold mine). Be serious in the selection ! Please find one of my last article which can help you to select a mine :  » Investing in mining, the points to take in account  » (google translated in english ( This article is in French (my mother tongue))

I have identified a gold stock with a huge potential (ticking a lot of boxes).

If you want to know more about it you can contact me here : Contact

You also can read all my english articles here : https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/category/english/

Happy Investing and please do not forget to read my disclaimer

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