In a normal situation (I mean historical), mining stocks should overperform gold when the underlying (metal) is raising.

In a gold bull market the gold shares are leading and now they are lagging. Something is wrong, terribly wrong.

I just took the GDX ETF, and the HUI and compared them to the gold price.

from the beginning of the year, stocks are really lagging

On a 3 years period, it is exactly the same.

Gold in all currencies (USD and CHF excepted)) broke all time high

In my humble opinion, the profits of miners are going to be explosive, (especially in weak currencies like CAD, AUD). This increase of profit is going to bring the whole sector much much much higher. Just a bit of patience.

The developers are also seeing their assets increasing in value like crazy and the number in pre-fesability studies, or PEA (Preliminary Economic Assessment) or Ni-43-101 are going to be more robust than ever.

Stay confident and buy mining stocks eyes closed ! Make some Due Diligence please,

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2 Responses

  1. Bonjour Olivier, le rattrapage est en cours et particulièrement violent.

    Barrick Gold en cassant la résistance de $23,6 s’offrira un boulevard pour la suite (voir le graphique sur 10 ans qui montre que le potentiel peut être énorme).

    Merci de vos articles toujours didactiques et instructifs.


  2. maintenant c’est très net, record de l’or en euro, et décoréllation des titres miniers (en forte hausse aujourd’hui) vis-à-vis de la baisse du marché US, la machine à imprimer des billets commence à produire ses effets…

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