Who are we ?

A large number of private banks, international federations, as well stock-market listed companies manage their worldwide operations from this city.

Crottaz-Finance acts as an independant and autonomus company with a close partnership with local financial actors.

We guarantee an objective, transparent and ethical advice as well as we follow your portfolio in a mind of continuity.

Our vast network of partners allows us to quickly find the specialist you need.

Crottaz-Finance complies with all Swiss banking regulations, in particular The Swiss Anti Money Laundering ACT (AMLA, see LBA)

Crottaz-Finance is supervised by a Supervisory Organisation (SOs) and under its control, follows a strict code of conduct, applies its directives and regularly audited.

Our services

Our company proposes for portfolios from CHF 1 mio.

  1. A standard discretionary portfolio management.

You entrust Crottaz Finance with the management responsibility. This takes the form of a discretionary management agreement which meets the rules established by the Swiss Bankers Association: ASB. After an assessment of your objective and subjective choices in terms of capital fluctuations an investment profile is determined. Crottaz Finance then manages the portfolio according to the chosen strategy.

2.A tailor made management of your portfolio.

For portfolios of a certain importance, it is possible to set up a customized management. The client instructs for example, the currencies or vehicles of investment he wishes Crottaz Finance to invest in. A specific asset allocation is conceived.

3.A permanent advice and follow up of your portfolio.

Via an active advice management agreement, you use Crottaz Finance services, but make your own investment decisioins.