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  1. The Reuters-CRB (CCI) index was first calculated by the Commodity Research Bureau in 1957, and published for the first time in the CRB Commodity Year Book of 1958. It initially aggregated 28 commodities, 26 of which were traded on the American and Canadian commodity exchange markets, and 2 on spot markets. Originally designed to provide a dynamic overall representation of major trends in raw material prices and for this has been readjusted 9 times since 1961 and its composition has been constantly modified !! It is quite interesting that, despite all these modifications, it returned to the values of the 1971 index ….

  2. bonjour Mr Crottaz,
    Quel serait le fond idéal pour investir dans les commodities avec un horizon de 5 – 1O ans?
    Merci pour toutes vos informations, si précieuses . . ..
    Bien à vous

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