Major currencies vs #Gold over time

The year 2020 is now behind us, please find a graph showing the loss of value of the major currencies against gold over time.

This is probably a chart that no Central Bank will produce.

The Swiss Franc, the less worst currency in the world, has lost 93.6% of its value during the last 120 years.

The German Mark (now Euro), fell and reached twice ZERO during this period.

From 1948, It is the less bad currency with a loss versus gold at around 95.5%.

As for the American Dollar (USD), first reserve currency, its loss of value reaches 98.9%.

Who is saying that gold is babarous relic ? Who is saying that gold is not a safe haven ? Who is saying gold is not a currency ?

But the final question remains : “How to preserve your purchasing power over time ?”

Then Buy Gold or at minimum gold stocks.

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Despite hellish swings, gold kept its value

Before talking about currencies, we must have a quick look at some important dates :

-1850, replacement of provincial currencies by the Swiss Franc (

-1907, Creation of the Swiss National Bank  (SNB).

-1926, End of the latine monetary union. Only CHF has an legal price in Switzerland (

-1931, Bimetallism is abandoned, and the Swiss Franc is only defined using the gold price (

-1936, 30% Swiss Franc devaluation compared to gold (

-1971, end of convertibility of USD in gold

-1973, end of fixed currencies exchange rate system

On the following graph, we can notice that the purchasing power of currencies faced a huge decrease over time.

However Swiss Franc was (is) worldwide considered as a very strong currency !

It is easy to imagine how much purchasing power the other currencies have lost in the mean time  (my old articles : 200 years of Sterling Pound VS French Franc et 200 years of French Franc vs Swiss Franc )


And the evolution of the USD against CHF on a 200 years period and the gold price in CHF on the same long time frame

After reading this article, only a Central Banker can tell you that paper money is what you must hold.

I am hearing about purchasing power for ages (especially on French TV)  !

Happy paper investing

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