Les indices / ETFs juniors ne le sont pas vraiment

Les deux ETF Miniers les plus connus sont le GDX et le GDXJ (Vaneck). Ces ETFS – de tailles respectables – sont composés de minières. Le GDX avec de grands producteurs et les GDXJ soi-disant avec des juniors. Nous allons voir plus bas que ce n’est pas vraiment le cas pour ce dernier et que comparer une société junior au GDXJ n’est pas tout à fait correct. (merci à Heinz pour l’idée de cet article)

Voici les deux “fact sheets”

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Sell the SP500 and Go for GOLD mines now

Sell the SP500 and Go for GOLD mines now

Very often graphs are telling you more than 1,000 words.

1 – The weighting of the 5 major SP500 stocks is today at a record level.

2 – The Apple, AAPL case (imho) is showing the total exuberance of the stock market. The market capitalization of this company is now the equivalent of the entire Australian stock market !

3 – Apple Market cap is also bigger than the entire energy sector

4 – Price evolution of Apple is de-correlated with its earnings, leaving the gravity !

5 – On the market side, nobody seems really worried. Indexes are climbing every day higher. The very relevant indicator, the well-known PUT / CALL ratio is hitting a very low level. It means nobody has fear and everybody is positive on the future market raise.

6 – The number of “bears” seeing the fall of the SP500 is also at a low level

7 – The VIX index (volatility) is also at one of its lowest level

I am hearing analysts, people, bloggers expecting a continuation of the market rally and telling to whom who want to hear that “the pessimists will be decimated”.

8 – The US stock market valuation. Prices to estimated sales and estimated earnings are topping. P/E seems expensive (source Shiller)

9 – Finally the SP500 EV / EBITDA is at the same level than when the 2000 bubble exploded

10- Interest rates history can be also a trigger of the next stock market fall

All of above, is telling me it is smelling not good at all and something is cooking. It is pushing me to find another place where to put the money.

Gold is on the verge of a fantastic coming back up after its big fall from its top of 2011 (1900 USD) to its 2015 low (1050 USD). Gold is the underlying for mining shares and I would like to point the undervaluation of this sector.

A – First of all Gold has always kept its purchasing power against all the currencies

B – Gold has only been down 4 of past 20 years

C – Mining stocks compared to SP500 and vs Gold are cheap

D – Gold Miners are bottoming

E – Gold Mining Juniors are much cheaper than Seniors

As a global summary, I think it is time to leave the entire regular market to plunge into the mining sector. You can find different categories of companies, Producers (less risk but lower reward and also some stocks already responded to the last gold increase), developers (risky but big reward ahead especially when the project is in a safe jurisdiction and with a permit) and finally explorers (high risk and huge reward but also big losses).

I have identified a gold stock with a huge potential. If you want to know more about it you can contact me here : Contact

You also can read all my english articles here : https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/category/english/

Happy Investing and please do not forget to read my disclaimer

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The time for mines has come

The time for mines has come

Gold has been in a consolidation phase for months

I recommended to buy gold in 2015 (around 1050 USD/oz) and again in 2017 (around 1300 USD/oz) see graph below and links to the articles (google translated)

October 15 article c’est parti mon goldy and August 17 c’est reparti mon goldy

For the time being, the price of the underlying raised and some producers too (the quality one’s with low extraction costs).

For example Agnico eagle (EAM) (10 years graph)

The other ones are still lagging because they did not release profits yet (it is coming but they release only one quarter (Q3) with gold above 1300).

For example Iamgold et Argonaut

Today, the market is facing some end year sellings in Canada (tax loss) which put some pressure one the stock prices (as usual every year) but if -like in 2018) the sellings are a bit in calendar advance, it will possible to see a potential end year rally.

Anyway ! 2020 will be the year of the mining sector ! The companies are making a lot of money and saving a big amount of cash (margins increasing) and are going to make acquisitions (it has already started as you can notice these days)

St-Barbara buying Atlantic Gold for 490 millions https://www.mining-journal.com/gold-and-silver-news/news/1367879/st-barbara-completes-atlantic-takeover

Osisko acquiring Barkerville : https://www.juniorminingnetwork.com/junior-miner-news/press-releases/350-tsx/or/70005-osisko-gold-royalties-completes-acquisition-of-barkerville-gold-mines.html

Kirkland Lake buying Detour Gold pour 3.7 billions: https://www.mining.com/kirkland-lake-buying-detour-gold-in-stock-deal-worth-3-7-billion/

RedLake takenover by Australians (Evolution Mining for 375 millions) https://evolutionmining.com.au/red-lake-acquisition/

Continental Gold by the chinese Zijin pour 1.4 billion : https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-mining-zijin/chinas-zijin-mining-to-buy-canadas-continental-gold-for-about-1-billion-idUSKBN1Y617H

This morning Edeavour bidding Centamin (1.9 billions ) https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/908347/endeavour-mining-proposes-merger-with-centamin-908347.html

For juniors (explorer et developpers) the time has come or is really close. We are witness of acquistions by big caps, but the mid tiers companies have also to remplace their ressources or reserves.

I am adding interesting graphs

Juniors miners lagging seniors miners

Barron’s index divided by the price of gold is showing the huge undervaluation of mining companies

And finally the mining secteur has to catch up its lateness regarding the SP500 !!

I am following very closely the mining sector and the companies which can be taken over and I strongly recommend to do so (do not hesitate to contact me : here)

All my english articles : https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/category/english/

Happy Investing

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Il est venu le temps des mines

Il est venu le temps des mines

L’or est dans une phase de consolidation depuis plusieurs mois

Pour mémoire, j’avais recommandé l’or en 2015 (vers 1050) et encore une fois en 2017 (vers 1300), voir graphique attaché et les articles ci-après

Les articles d’octobre 2015 c’est parti mon goldy et d’août 2017 c’est reparti mon goldy

Pour l’instant le cours du sous-jacent est monté et quelques producteurs aussi (ceux de qualité qui avaient des coûts d’extractions bas).

Par exemple Agnico Eagle (AEM) (graphique sur 10 ans)

Les autres par contre sont toujours à la traine car n’ont pas encore annoncé des bénéfices (ça va venir car il n’y a eu qu’un trimestre reporté (T3) avec l’or au-dessus de 1300)

par exemple Iamgold et Argonaut

Actuellement, le marché subit de ventes (tax loss) de fin d’année au Canada qui met un peu de pression sur les cours (comme chaque fin d’année), mais si – comme en 2018 – les ventes se présentent en avance, il est possible d’assister un rallye de fin d’année.

De toute manière, 2020 sera l’année du secteur minier. En effet, les sociétés sont en train d’emmagasiner du cash (les marges augmentent) et vont faire des acquisitions (qui ont commencé comme on peut le voir ces jours)

St-Barbara qui rachète Atlantic Gold pour 490 millionshttps://www.mining-journal.com/gold-and-silver-news/news/1367879/st-barbara-completes-atlantic-takeover

Osisko rachète Barkerville : https://www.juniorminingnetwork.com/junior-miner-news/press-releases/350-tsx/or/70005-osisko-gold-royalties-completes-acquisition-of-barkerville-gold-mines.html

Kirkland Lake achète Detour Gold pour 3.7 milliards : https://www.mining.com/kirkland-lake-buying-detour-gold-in-stock-deal-worth-3-7-billion/

RedLake qui se fait racheter par des australiens (Evolution Mining pour 375 millions) https://evolutionmining.com.au/red-lake-acquisition/

Continental Gold est acheté par le chinois Zijin pour 1.4 millard : https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-mining-zijin/chinas-zijin-mining-to-buy-canadas-continental-gold-for-about-1-billion-idUSKBN1Y617H

Ce matin Edeavour lance une opa sur Centamin (1.9 milliard) https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/908347/endeavour-mining-proposes-merger-with-centamin-908347.html

Quant aux juniors (explorer et developers) leur heure arrive tout soudain. On assiste a des acquisitions par des grandes sociétés, mais les sociétés de tailles moyennes appelées mid-tiers doivent aussi remplacer leurs réserves et leurs ressources.

Je me permets de joindre quelques graphiques parlants :

Le retard des titres miniers juniors par rapport au seniors

Le ratio indice minier Barron’s divisé par le prix de l’or. Les actions ont beaucoup de retard

Et que l’indice minier est en énorme retard sur le SP500

je suis de près le marché et les sociétés qui pourraient être cibles de convoitises et je conseille de faire de même.

Happy Investing

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