Gold is up, but mining stocks are lagging and it will not last

In a normal situation (I mean historical), mining stocks should overperform gold when the underlying (metal) is raising.

In a gold bull market the gold shares are leading and now they are lagging. Something is wrong, terribly wrong.

I just took the GDX ETF, and the HUI and compared them to the gold price.

from the beginning of the year, stocks are really lagging

On a 3 years period, it is exactly the same.

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Volatile Markets, prices out of the Braket

Volatile Markets, prices out of the Braket

Last week, the US market (DOW JONES) ended with a loss of around 10% (minus 10%) on the week despite a Friday rebound of +10%.

When panic takes over the market and the investors, things you have never be able to imagine can happen. Unexpected events can also be a huge pricing surprise for unprepared products managers.

Today, I would like to mention the mining sector, which despite the”good” behavior of gold (only lost 10% from the top) went totally crazy.

Crazy pricing and moves occured

Incidentally (or not), $GDX is trading at over 7% below NAV, biggest discount on record.

If you are wondering what happened to GDX, GDXJ, NUGT, and JNUG last week. Look no further than an epic panic that it caused a breakdown in the arbitrage mechanism that is meant to price the ETFs relative to the underlying equities, which then led to a incredible mispricing in NUGT and JNUG.

What is NUGT and how it works ?

3x leverage can cause huge damage. Look Friday – 46% (but as said above there was a mispricing !)

After hours it looks like the market is trying to re-price it correctly

Same story for the JNUG (also 3x leverage bull)

Also trying to balance the ETF price after hours….

The major point I would like to mention is the difference between the paper gold price and the physical gold price !

It looks like if you want a physical delivery it is becoming more and more difficult and also with a huge premium ! Premiums for the purchase of physical gold and silver 10-30% over spot futures prices. The physical market may be breaking free of the paper market, finally!

Next week will be really interesting, especially with all bad news from the closure of borders in Europe and a lot or restrictions due to the spread of COVID19.

The massive injections by the FED, ECB etc. can continue to lead to market craziness but do not forget. Money creation will bring a huge support to gold on the long run.

Physical gold is the only direct way to own gold. Eventually mining shares (direct holding as shareholder and final owner) is an indirect way to hold physical gold. This is not the case for mining ETF’s or gold ETF without physical gold behind and no physical delivery options.

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Qui est sur ou sous-évalué ?

En octobre 2015, je vous avais poussé un cri d’achat dans mon article : c’est parti mon goldy. L’or avait touché un bas vers 1050 USD l’once et les commentaires négatifs s’accumulaient. Force est de constater que c’était un bon appel à l’achat. En août 2017, je me suis permis de repousser un cri : c’est reparti mon goldy

Voici le graphique montrant à quel moment j’ai recommandé d’acheter de l’or

Le propos du jour est que – malheureusement pour les investisseurs en actions – les titres (actions) miniers n’ont pas beaucoup réagit à la hausse du sous-jacent or. Pour l’instant, car je n’ai pas de doutes au sujet de la finalité du mouvement car 100 USD de hausse sur le sous-jacent métal engendre un énorme impact sur la valeur de l’actif et des bénéfices. Voici les graphiques du GDX et du GDXJ (junior mining)

Suite à la hausse de l’or et la non réaction des actions minières, il s’en suit une grande divergence d’évolution qu’on peut constater dans deux graphiques très parlants.

La Barron’s index divisé par le prix de l’or
Les indices XAU et HUI (miniers) divisés par le cours de l’or

En Conclusion, soit, l’or est trop haut, soit les mines sont (beaucoup) trop basses !

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