#Gold and the US #dollar: The closing of the gold window in 1971

50 years ago, on August 15, President Richard Nixon closed the “gold window”. It was a “temporary” measure according to what he said on TV this Sunday. With governments, temporary has a very different meaning…

Nixon was forced to do that: The US had printed too much dollars and had not enough gold to redeem all the foreign-held greenbacks.

Have a look at this hereafter chart and you’ll get it immediately.

We are in a pure fiat monetary system since then. Nothing backs the US dollar (or other currencies) except some “confidence”.

The US, supposedly, still have 8,135 tons of gold. The US government refused to audit the gold since 1953. Surprise, surprise…

And in the mean time China is claiming to have more than 14,000 tons : https://goldbroker.com/news/china-gold-reserves-scale-up-for-15-consecutive-years-by-2020-2451

both should be audited

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Golden Flash Crash (english version)

At the opening of the commodity market, gold has been under a major attack.

In 2015, I told you about a violent downward opening (1050 USD per ounce) and then confirmed the increase to come when the price was still at 1300 (https://www.crottaz-finance.ch/blog/cest-parti-goldy-cest-reparti-goldy/)

What happened this morning very strongly looks like a “cleaning” of stop losses and “weak hands”.

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Gold Supply and Demand : Analysis for the 1st quarter 2020

Central Banks (China, Russia and some other small) have been buying gold. The net balance started to be positive from 2010

Unfortunately for the European and North American “tax payers”, their Central banks did not purchase any gold ounces

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