Are #banks in trouble ?

Markets are near their historical tops and gold too.

But banks are still lagging and it has been lasting for years.

Could be a global solvency problem, Mr U. is telling me.

We will go through a depression (way too much debt, 331% of World GDP according to latest figures from the IIF). 
May be depression will be deflationary at first, and maybe/probably we’ll have hyperinflation later (currencies losing all of their value).
The all system is at risk. Be very careful with your money.

Charts are monthly, last data July 24, 2020.

European banks:

US banks

More recent data (a week old) of the Price to Book Value Ratio on a few banks:

  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise : 2.28 (good)
  • Vontobel : 2.26 (good)
  • Julius Baer : 1.52 (ok)
  • Credit Suisse : 0.57 (not good)
  • Deutsche Bank : 0.30 (very bad)
  • Commerzbank : 0.20 (very bad)
  • ABN Amro : 0.19 (very bad)
  • BNP Paribas : 0.45 (bad)
  • Crédit Agricole : 0.42 (bad)
  • Société Générale : 0.21 (very bad)

Good Luck

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Le cours de l’or en CHF depuis le début du 20ème siècle

Chiffres arrêtés à fin janvier 2013

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en LOG

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Pour revenir sur mon avis que l’or (et les mines) sont sur-vendues, j’ajoute – comme argument – la quantité importante de sortie de fonds des ETF en Février (on dirait comme un sell-off) (source Barclays)

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Et les actions des politiques (de tous bords) au sujet de l’or


source :

Combien d’onces faut-il pour se payer le Dow Jones (source Long wave)

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et quelques articles intéressants: Gold’s next bull run before year’s end: GATA director Ed Steer

John Paulson’s gold fund dove 18% in February

Council website illustrates the story of gold



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