Scary SP500

In January 2020, I wrote an article to you that suggested  to sell the SP500 and buy gold and gold mines.

The US equity market plunged sharply thereafter (March), mining stocks too and gold briefly. Today, after the huge rebound in the American market from the lows, what is the situation?

  • The SP500 is at – 4.1% (after a collapse of -35%)
  • Mining stocks (GDX) are at + 14.2%
  • Gold is + 7.9%

Sometimes graphics speak more than words. Below find 3 graphics that are really scary for those who remain invested in the SP500.

The Put / Call ratio is at the lowest of the lowest

Many of the stocks in the SP500 have an RSI above 70 ( overbought level), the number of stocks above their 50-day moving averages is at its highest in 20 years and it is the biggest upward rally in the market. ‘history.

Small traders bought calls like never before (very bad sign for a continuation of the rise)

This last graph makes me think of the abbreviation FOMO (Fear of Missing Opportunity) which is the fact of buying at any price for fear of missing the increase.

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Le SP500 à se faire peur

En janvier 2020, je vous avais écrit un article qui suggérait de vendre le SP500 et d’acheter de l’or et des mines d’or.

Le marché des actions américaines avait plongé violemment par la suite (mars), les actions minières aussi et l’or brièvement. Aujourd’hui, après l’énorme rebond du marché américain depuis les plus bas, quelle est la situation ?

  • Le SP500 est à – 4,1% (après avoir passé par -35%)
  • Les actions minières (GDX) sont à + 14.2%
  • L’or est à + 7.9%

Parfois quelques graphiques parlent plus que des mots. Ci-après 3 graphiques qui font vraiment peur pour ceux qui restent investis dans le SP500.

Le ratio Put/Call est au plus bas des plus bas

Beaucoup des titres du SP500 affichent un RSI supérieur à 70 (niveau sur-acheté), le nombre de titre au dessus de leurs moyennes mobiles à 50 jours est au plus haut depuis 20 ans et c’est le plus grand rally de hausse de l’histoire.

Les petits traders ont acheté des calls comme jamais (très mauvais signe pour une continuation de la hausse)

Ce dernier graphique me fait penser à l’abréviation FOMO (Fear of Missing Opportunity) qui est le fait d’acheter à n’importe quel prix par peur de rater la hausse.

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Le ratio put/call annonce une probable correction sur le SP500

Comme on peut le voir sur le graphique ci-après – et ceci comme en février 2020 – les intervenants sont peu protégés en puts et plutôt “bullish”. C’est souvent une très bonne indication de ce qui pourrait se produire à court terme (une forte baisse).

En plus, l’indice de la volatilité VIX est en phase d’atterrissage et en mouvement de calme.

Happy Investing

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The mother of golden calls on #GOLD

October 2015, I have been yelling around ! BUY gold and several times after (you can read all my english articles here)

It was a perfect end 2015 call on gold

The original in-French article :

Translated by google : Here

I found on Twitter several past good calls (in fact bad calls but good for contrariants like me)

Hereafter you will find a great list (nothing against the people or banks who published that of course)

Lire la suite

Sell the SP500 and Go for GOLD mines now

Sell the SP500 and Go for GOLD mines now

Very often graphs are telling you more than 1,000 words.

1 – The weighting of the 5 major SP500 stocks is today at a record level.

2 – The Apple, AAPL case (imho) is showing the total exuberance of the stock market. The market capitalization of this company is now the equivalent of the entire Australian stock market !

3 – Apple Market cap is also bigger than the entire energy sector

4 – Price evolution of Apple is de-correlated with its earnings, leaving the gravity !

5 – On the market side, nobody seems really worried. Indexes are climbing every day higher. The very relevant indicator, the well-known PUT / CALL ratio is hitting a very low level. It means nobody has fear and everybody is positive on the future market raise.

6 – The number of “bears” seeing the fall of the SP500 is also at a low level

7 – The VIX index (volatility) is also at one of its lowest level

I am hearing analysts, people, bloggers expecting a continuation of the market rally and telling to whom who want to hear that “the pessimists will be decimated”.

8 – The US stock market valuation. Prices to estimated sales and estimated earnings are topping. P/E seems expensive (source Shiller)

9 – Finally the SP500 EV / EBITDA is at the same level than when the 2000 bubble exploded

10- Interest rates history can be also a trigger of the next stock market fall

All of above, is telling me it is smelling not good at all and something is cooking. It is pushing me to find another place where to put the money.

Gold is on the verge of a fantastic coming back up after its big fall from its top of 2011 (1900 USD) to its 2015 low (1050 USD). Gold is the underlying for mining shares and I would like to point the undervaluation of this sector.

A – First of all Gold has always kept its purchasing power against all the currencies

B – Gold has only been down 4 of past 20 years

C – Mining stocks compared to SP500 and vs Gold are cheap

D – Gold Miners are bottoming

E – Gold Mining Juniors are much cheaper than Seniors

As a global summary, I think it is time to leave the entire regular market to plunge into the mining sector. You can find different categories of companies, Producers (less risk but lower reward and also some stocks already responded to the last gold increase), developers (risky but big reward ahead especially when the project is in a safe jurisdiction and with a permit) and finally explorers (high risk and huge reward but also big losses).

I have identified a gold stock with a huge potential. If you want to know more about it you can contact me here : Contact

You also can read all my english articles here :

Happy Investing and please do not forget to read my disclaimer

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S&P 500, des signaux inquiétants

S&P 500, des signaux inquiétants

Comme vous le savez, j’adore les graphiques, car ceux-ci sont souvent assez parlants.

Le marché américain bat records sur records et la volatilité reste au plus bas. Toujours pas d’inquiétude ! Par contre une légère divergence car le VIX fait des bas plus hauts alors que le S&P 500 continue son envolée.

Graphique 2 : Nouveau record concernant la taille des positions faisant le pari d’une baisse de la volatilité sur le SP500

Graphique 3 : L’indicateur qui me fait le plus “soucis” pour le marché américain est le ratio PUT/CALL. Ce dernier est au plus bas.

Graphique 4 : Il faut aussi tenir compte de l’emprunt pour financer les achat des actions et là surprise ! Les achats sur marge baissent, ce qui est plutôt positif pour le marché. Le “deleveraging” est en cours

Graphique 5 : 95% des sociétés ont reporté des bénéfices en baisse (GAAP) de 6% cette dernière année. c’est la plus grande baisse depuis le T4 de 2015.

En conclusion, nous ne sommes pas à l’abri d’une correction comme celle de fin 2018 voire plus importante.

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