Commodities and precious metals (versus US stock markets) make a new 100 YEAR low

Amazing ! This is the only word I can tell today.

Despite increase in commodities prices, the GSCI commodity index cannot fight (till now) the skyrocketing US stock market.

I would like to mention that the biggest wheight in this index is Oil :

And oil went up recently.

But if we compare this commodity index to the US stock market, this is what we see

First graph vs the DJ index

source :

And vs the SP500

Thanks to Willem Middelkoop for the graph

As already many times said, the stock market seems overvalued !

And the best of is : Precious metals vs commodities index ! If Commodities are low let me show you how low are the precious metals (thanks Crescat)

it is clearly a strong buy !

happy Investing

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CRB index is at the lowest level

Here is a long term chart (1914 – today)of the CRB Index (end of month) (LOG).

It represents a basket of 19 different commodities. Agricultural products and energy account for 80% of it and metals 20%.

We are approaching a major low so the end of the commodities bear market. Low prices are destroying supplies so when the current recession/depression will end, this index will start a new bull market.
Time to put commodities producers on your radar so you know in advance what to buy when it will be time to do so.

Elliott Wave Analysis (made by one of my closest friend Mr H., thanks to him)

Happy Investing

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